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Vinyl Patio

Vinyl patios have become an optimal choice for most LA homeowners. You’ll see it if you make your time and take a short walk around LA streets. Patios made of vinyl provide multiple benefits:
  1. Highly durable;
  2. Weather resistant;
  3. Waterproof;
  4. Easily cleanable;
  5. Color sustainable;
  6. Design flexible;
  7. Affordable.
Vinyl patio covers provide high quality and is designed to last. This material knows no age. It decorates your house without ever rotting, cracking and fading. That’s why homeowners who are seek and tired of peeling paint and rotten posts, go for it. Besides awesome durability, this material also makes cleaning your patio a breeze. All you need to do is an occasional cleaning with water and soap. Vinyl patio cover is a perfect choice for families who want to spend their time enjoying their garden, not fixing it. Such patio will make your yard a valuable corner for your family and friends. Due to its weather resistant feature, it will never cancel your outdoor parties and will always work at your favor. It will help you enjoy your shade and feel safe against rain, wind and snow. Thanks to the flexible nature of vinyl, your exterior design ideas will exactly come true. You can select best style and color that fit your house. Affordable price is another reason why we chose vinyl as our material for making patios. If you need patios with lifetime warranty and awesome durability, look no further. Vinyl is the right choice. All you need to do is find a trusted company to make your dreams come true. At Front Gate Vinyl you will get a FREE estimate and consultation in order to find the best available options for your property at the best possible rate. Call us now at (818) 298-7345 or (800) 995-4051 for an estimate. We know you need affordable and high quality product and we share your interests. Let’s make it- create designed look and feel for your yard together!

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  • The crew did an excellent job. They were on-time, professional, hard-working and did what they said they would do. The sales rep, Ofelya, was excellent to work with. Just an all-around great experience and I recommend them hoghly. Mark
  • Excellent job, materials and installers exceptionally clean and thorough. Vic
  • We just had a deck installed, and I couldn’t be any happier. Has a wide variety of options to choose from. I’m in love with my deck. Thank you Frontgate!! Natalie
  • The team did a wonderfull job, and was able to deliver everythinhg we were promised. Very happy with the work done! Jenny and Mark
  • Quick and Easy. The crew did a great job explaining what materials was used, and how to take care of it. Nvard and Ashot
  • Very good job, very good customer service. John
  • Our experience with Frontgate Vinyl was wonderful. I am really happy with the way my patio turned out. I can’t help but smile every time I look at it. I am very grateful for Frontgate, and the excellent service they provide. I would recommend them to anyone. Linda and Tom