3 Types of Outdoor Fences in Los Angeles

Owners of private houses demarcate their territory with outdoor fences. For suburban estates, design of fence is of paramount importance, as the fence will serve the owner faithfully for many more years.

Fences have different purposes and look different. The protective function is performed by high and durable structures, while decorative ones delight the eye with their graceful forms. At a private house or cottage, you can find outdoor fences made of wood, stone, brick, vinyl, and others. Non-residential, industrial areas are fenced with concrete, metal products. In our review, we’ll find out 3 types of outdoor fences in Los Angeles. 

Outdoor vinyl fence

3 types of outdoor fences in Los Angeles

Wooden outdoor fences

Wood is one of the oldest building materials. The centuries-old practice of working with wood and the experience gained have helped to develop and improve many options for fencing: from a simple picket fence to expensive carvings. Wood, like any other material, has its positive and negative sides. The positive ones include:

  • Wood is the softest building material. It is easy to work with, so the masters of woodcarving create their masterpieces from it.
  • Wooden fences are able to surprise with the possibilities of the color palette. Even unpainted fences from different breeds of wood look different. It is enough to process them with stain or special impregnations to emphasize the structure of wood. Fans of bright outdoor fences can use paint.

As for the negative sides, there are few of them, but for the sake of fairness it should be said about them:

  • wooden fence is not durable, as the wood is subject to environmental influences;
  • annual care: wooden outdoor fence will have to be painted or treated with insect impregnation;
  • amenable to mechanical stress, breakage, which reduces the protective properties of wooden fence and increases repair costs.

Stone outdoor fences

Stone was used by ancient people to equip their home. This gives reason to consider the stone the oldest building material. Stone outdoor fence will never rot; it will not be spoiled by corrosion. Frost, wind, rain, and hail will not do any harm to the stone outdoor fence. The stone goes well with other building materials; it is architecturally expressive and fits into any landscape design. There are a large number of varieties of stone. 

Outdoor fences made of stone have the same advantages as a brick. They are strong, reliable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

During the construction of the fence, a linear foundation is required, a preliminary study of groundwater and precipitation.

The stone is well combined with other types of materials. In combination with wood, it looks particularly harmonious: such a fence on a suburban area completely dissolves in the natural environment.

The most popular outdoor fence type is stone in combination with brickwork. It is involved in the construction of pillars and the foundation of the fence.

Vinyl outdoor fences

Vinyl is one of the latest developments in building technology. Vinyl is flexible and durable, with a wide selection of colors. 

Vinyl is used as the main material for fence and is beautifully combined material with metal, wood, and brick. The openwork pattern of the forging can be beautifully filled with vinyl. The material is lightweight, resistant to weather conditions, does not fade in the sun, and suffers blows.

A large selection of shades allows you to pick it up to the tone of buildings.