3 Ways to Decorate Vinyl Patios in Los Angeles

It’s almost summer, which means it is about time to start decorating your vinyl patios in Los Angeles. This is the time when you spend a lot of time outdoors. And a patio is the best place to hang out on a hot summer day. So if you love seasonal decor and are a little bit into exterior design, then you certainly should consider these great patio decor ideas.

String Lights for Vinyl Patios in Los Angeles

vinyl patios in Los Angeles

Create a dreamy feel with a set of classic, almost vintage string lights. This is such a simple accessory that completely changes the atmosphere of a place.

String lights with warm colors will create a cozy and welcoming ambience for your vinyl patios in Los Angeles. You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes of light bulbs. These lights look especially flattering when hung from the patio cover or across the perimeter of the patio.

String lights are a low-budget decoration that actually looks very expensive and chic. You can get outdoor patio string lights at $15 or lower.


Curtains and Screens

You know the California heat, don’t you? Sometimes the patio cover is not enough to hide from the scorching sun while enjoying your patio time. So it might be a practical idea to use curtains and screens for decorating your vinyl patios in Los Angeles. Usually white sheer curtains look adorable on any patio.

They provide gentle shade from the sun and give a homey touch to your porch. On a practical note, these curtains can also save you from the nasty mosquitos and other bugs that like to show up and ruin your evenings. This is especially handy if you have any sort of lighting at your patio.

If you want something thicker than can also withstand light rain and wind, then you can opt for drapes and thicker screens. These decorations are not only practical but can also give your patios a certain style or accent.

Cushions and blankets

Cushions and light blankets will create a nice comfortable chilling area in your vinyl patios in Los Angeles. These decoration elements not only look good but also are very practical. Outdoor furniture is not always very comfortable and cushions make up for that.

vinyl patios in los angelesBesides, you can always take them home whenever the weather is damp. And you can change them every season giving your patio a whole new look and feel.

Blankets are also a necessity for chilly evenings. They can also serve as a decoration element for your outdoor furniture. You can mix and match colors with your cushions to create a colorful or monotone classic looks.

But before anything else, it is a good idea to start with your patio makeover. Vinyl patios in Los Angeles look stunning and are very durable, which makes it a preferred option above all other materials.