5 Types of Vinyl Fencing You Will Love

You’ve probably heard about vinyl fencing advantages many times. Unlike the other types of fencing (wood, iron, chain-link etc.) vinyl fencing doesn’t need whitewashing or something else. They can be cleaned just by hosing down. Vinyl fences fit into any garden and decor.

One of the advantages of vinyl fencing is the variety of its types. There are many types and colors of vinyl fencing. Nowadays you can find any type or style of vinyl fencing. They may even look very much like natural wood if you’d like to.

Vinyl fencing is a relatively new type of fencing in Los Angeles, but it is already quite popular in the market.

You can make a great choice and enjoy your beautiful garden, backyard and whole house. So let’s see advantages and disadvantages of some popular types of vinyl fencing.

Picket Fences

This is a very functional type and a great addition to the landscape design. You will really like it because a clean white picket fence looks very attractive.

Vinyl Picket fencing is a typical American outdoor fencing style and has been popular for many centuries. This is still a popular type of vinyl fencing today among Los Angeles, Southern California and Americans in general. 

This type of vinyl fencing gives a traditional look and an old-world charm.

Pool Fences

When we are talking about pools, there is nothing more important than privacy. Pool fencing is prevalent in Los Angeles among people who have swimming pools in their backyards. Pool fences are a beautiful addition to the outdoor area, making your backyard more attractive.

Privacy Fences

We have all heard the saying “good fences make good neighbors”. A good privacy fence that isolates a private life from neighbors or strangers makes for a safe and sound atmosphere. It serves as a visual barrier, as well as improves the safety of the house.

So, if you would like to keep your space in private atmosphere and out of the visibility zone, this type of vinyl fencing is just for you. It provides better safety and security. Thus, confidentiality works in both directions, you don’t see your neighbors, your neighbors don’t see you. Lots of homeowners prefer this type of vinyl fencing in Los Angeles and around as they want to keep their private life private.

Vinyl Ranch Fencing

If you want to make your ranch or farm more comfortable and stylish and don’t want to clean it or color it once a year vinyl ranch fencing is the best idea. It doesn’t need washing and its color doesn’t fade. Vinyl fences are much stronger and reliable than wood, they are harder to break and probably this is the reason there are many vinyl fences in Los Angeles.

There are many interesting and beautiful ideas for ranch fencing (rail or cross rail vinyl ranch fencing and so on).

Semi-Private Fences

This kind of fencing will make your life private, as well but at the same time, it allows the stream of the air and light to pass through it. That’s not an absolutely private fencing, but rather a peak through type.