Best Vinyl Gazebo Lighting Solutions

Best Vinyl Gazebo Lighting Solutions: selection and installation of light sources in the gazebo

From a technical point of view, lighting in a vinyl gazebo is not so difficult, although there are some nuances here. It is much more difficult to choose the best vinyl gazebo lighting solutions and schemes, which will be not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.  So in our article, we will try to analyze each of the questions posed and offer you several options for vinyl gazebo lighting.

Best vinyl gazebo lighting solutions

First of all, you should decide on the type of vinyl gazebo lighting needed. If electricity can’t be supplied, then alternative energy sources are chosen. For the original design, you can make your own chandelier in the gazebo of improvised means.

An interesting solution for the lighting of a vinyl gazebo is a chandelier, mounted on the center of the ceiling beam. But the light, in this case, falls in the middle of the room.

Vinyl Gazebos
Vinyl Gazebos

A good additional light source will be street lights on the sides of the vinyl gazebo. They must have a protective case against dust and moisture.

A wrought-iron chandelier or sconce will be appropriate in an old-fashioned gazebo. Wall lights in the form of branches, made of colored glass will look original.

Outdoor vinyl gazebo lighting

It is necessary to provide in advance sufficient illumination of a footpath to a vinyl gazebo. For this, wall sconces and searchlights are attached to the facade.

On the sides of the walkway to the vinyl gazebo, you can install park lights on solar batteries or ground lights. In the evening, they will create a special atmosphere emphasizing the beauty of landscape design, and help residents without obstacles to reach the place. 

If lamps are used as decoration, then decorative lamps made in the form of animals or figures will look interesting. Lanterns can be placed along the path leading to the vinyl gazebo, near the pool and sculptures. A popular type of power here is solar panels. Outside the gazebo, you can fasten invisible or antique sconces.

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The floor lamp is appropriate in the vinyl gazebo as an additional source of light, when several switches cannot be installed in the gazebo. It is convenient because the floor lamp can be easily transferred to another place.

If you choose a standard ceiling chandelier, it is better to choose from glass, wood, with metal wrought iron elements.

It will be inexpensive to make a homemade device from improvised means.

You can make a gazebo lamp by yourself. Before proceeding with the assembly, you should consider all the fire safety requirements for such items. The basis of the lamp can be:

  • plastic or glass bottles;
  • dishes, kitchen appliances;
  • old floor lamp; 
  • flower pots.

Gazebo lamp from a glass bottle

A glass of an unusual color will look perfect for gazebo lamp. It is easy to make a lamp out of a bottle: you need to put beads on the bottom, wind a spiral of copper wire, wrap a rod in the shape of a cylinder with it and lower it inside the bottle. The last step is to fix the LED flashlight to the container neck with glue.

Lamp from wood and balloon for vinyl gazebo

The ball is inflated to the size of the future lamp. Take thin branches, clip shears and neatly glue over the entire area of the ball. You need to make sure that there are openings for light between the branches. After complete drying of parts, the ball is deflated and withdrawn. Instead, the cartridge is screwed with a light bulb. The design will be durable and unusual, suitable for local lighting in vinyl gazebos.

Lamp from an old aluminum saucepan

For giving of accurate contours the drill is applied. Make holes in the indicated places. Drill a hole for a cartridge at the bottom of the pan, install a light bulb, and paint if necessary.

A little imagination, minimum cost, and a homemade lamp will become a beautiful element of the decor of any interior of a vinyl gazebo. Thus we suggested original and marvellous vinyl gazebo lighting solutions.