11 Design Ideas for Vinyl Patios

Nowadays, it is of particular interest to create cozy patios, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world and receive guests. What is the patio? The patio is a small paved open-air courtyard adjacent to the house. Vinyl patios are a particularly significant solution for chilling out your patio and giving it a perfective look. So if you want to purchase vinyl patios, turn to Front Gate Vinyl company, which provides vinyl fencing services in such locations, as Orange County, Southern California, Los Angeles County, Ventura County. How to decorate your vinyl patios in Los Angeles? Read in our review!

Vinyl patio
Vinyl Patio Covers

Trendy decor and design ideas for vinyl patios

Idea number 1 – Chinese Pendant Lanterns

Chinese lanterns are a really good and fresh idea for vinyl patios, which are capable of bringing zest to any place. It is best to buy flashlights of several different sizes and colors and hang them directly above the dining area. 

Idea number 2 – Pergola over the patio

Pergola will significantly improve the atmosphere of the patio, creating a protected and more bohemian look. The patio turns into an open-air gazebo of the simplest type, but still, it is close to the house, which makes it possible to place dimensional soft furniture on it. Pergola entwined with decorative flowers of various lianas will look incredible.

Idea number 3 – Decoration of patio with curtains and blinds

You can also hang curtains, tulle or Roman curtains on the pergola. It is very important to combine the color of curtains with the rest of the textiles of the patio. Otherwise, you will get decorative chaos of shades and patterns.

Wall Topper and Patio Cover
Wall Topper and Patio Cover

Idea number 4 – Hanging flower pots

Hanging flower pots will look great on the fence. They should be painted in different colors or pasted with colored tape. Choose the most unpretentious plants for your patio.

Idea number 5 – Fashionable colors

Below you will see a list for each of the styles, one of which you will surely choose for your vinyl patios.

European modern:

Fashion for bright, acid shades: quail yellow, hot pink, turquoise, aquamarine, yellow sorbet.

Bohemian charm:

Coral, watermelon, lemon, carrot, the color of a blue wave.

Elegant Provence:

Pastel muted tones, such as light lilac, pale pink, light green, beige, blue.

Luxury aesthetics:

Burgundy, emerald, ocher, chocolate, black, purple.

How to Decorate Your Vinyl Patios in Los Angeles?

Idea number 6 – Mobile table on wheels

The mobile table on wheels can also become an additional place to lay out dishes on the patio, saving space on the tables, which is always lacking.

Idea number 7 – Small hearth in a homemade oven

The ancient Indians knew that the fire and even the smoke purify the body, mind, and soul. Create at least a small hearth directly on the patio. You will definitely receive a healing effect, both psychological and spiritual.

Idea number 8 – Round chairs

In a small space, smooth bends are perceived much better. Round chairs will perfectly decorate small vinyl patios.

Idea number 9 – Ethnic decor items

Arabic or Moroccan lamps, Japanese minimalist square flower pots, pillows with a traditional French pattern in a thin double strip will look exclusive.

Idea number 10 – Stationary or portable brazier

Stationary or portable brazier will fit perfectly into the patio design. However, it should be consistent with the style you have planned on your patio. The presence of barbecue will immediately turn your patio into a favorite gathering place for family and friends.

Idea number 11 – Garden swing

Garden swing is a great idea for vinyl patios, allowing you to retire, to read a book or indulge in dreams under a light measured wiggle.

Arrangement of patios is endless scope for creativity and flight of fancy. Well-chosen elements of decor and design will give your patio extra charm. We hope our tips on how to decorate your vinyl patios in Los Angeles will help to make a fashionable choice.