5 Styles of Vinyl Pool Fences You Will Love

Vinyl pool fences provide security for every member of the family. Many owners of private homes think of a fence around the pool in the summer when children like to play in the water. But troubles can happen even in the winter season. 

Vinyl pool fence not only protects children from accidents but can also be a beautiful decoration in landscape design. In addition to safety, you are also improving the aesthetic appearance of your site. In addition, it is a way to ensure your privacy and an effective way to protect yourself from the eyes of neighbors and to muffle unwanted noise from the street. When choosing a vinyl pool fence, you should make sure that it fits the overall exterior design of your home.

Vinyl fences have a higher resistance to water, humidity, and chemicals. Vinyl is a strong and durable material, and maintenance is almost not required. Vinyl fences provide durability against rust and corrosion. They are ideal for privacy, security, also you can choose from several styles, height, and width, picket sizes and intervals, colors, etc. We’ll talk about 5 styles of vinyl pool fences you will love.

vinyl pool fences

Ranch style vinyl pool fences

A ranch-style fence is one of the simplest styles and performs all its functions properly. That is why it is characterized by practicality and ease of manufacture. Such a fence consists of massive vinyl beams, which are located horizontally along sections of the structure. Sometimes they are strengthened with two vinyl boards crosswise.

Among the advantages of Ranch style vinyl pool fences can be noted:

  • ease of installation and assembly of the structure;
  • the durability of its use and strength;
  • simplicity in the repair of damaged sections.

The height of the vinyl pool fence in ranch style is regulated exclusively by the master builder. 

Privacy Fence With Double Gates
Privacy Fence With Double Gates

Chalet style vinyl pool fences

The style of the chalet is most suitable for those fences, the purpose of which is not to hide the facade of the building, but to further emphasize it. And rightfully, such a fence is distinguished by its grace and naturalness in appearance.

The foundation and pillars of the fence are made of stone – natural and decorative, the sections themselves are made of vinyl. The pillars of Chalet style vinyl pool fencesare often decorated with lanterns.

Provence style vinyl pool fences

Fences in the spirit of Provence originate from the French province and are distinguished by natural picturesqueness and restraint in color. Often fencing in this style is called French country.

A Provence-style vinyl pool fence may contain a structure made entirely of vinyl or with a combination of a stone foundation.  Along Provence-style vinyl pool fence, it is appropriate to use plantations from shrubs to give it the greatest decorativeness.

Hi-tech style vinyl pool fences

The main distinguishing feature of hi-tech style vinyl pool fences is the catchiness and the exact opposite of the natural landscape. When other styles are in harmony with nature, this one strives to stand out against its background with high technological effectiveness.

Monolithic concrete pillars with a strictly rectangular shape look spectacular in the enclosure. In other words, only imagination limits the masters from creating the facade.

vinyl pool fences

English style vinyl pool fences

The distinctive feature of English style design is its moderate height and the absence of a solid structure. It is best to use an additional foundation of stone or brick.

For pool fences in the English style, it is customary to use a fence made of vinyl, because the key feature of the English fence is vinyl structures of different heights with cuts, as well as a complete lack of carving.