7 Vinyl Fencing Maintenance Tips

Vinyl fencing is a popular fencing choice because of its durability. With expedient maintenance and care vinyl fencing won’t crack, mold or rot. It requires little maintenance. Find out these 7 vinyl fencing maintenance tips to keep your fence looking durable.

Vinyl Fence Cleaning

In order to maintain the perfect appearance of your vinyl fencing, regularly clean it. Use household cleaner diluted with water and a soft sponge to clean off dirt, algae and other plant growth. Use the garden hose for a quick rinse!

Fence Caps

Freezing and thawing cycles can cause vinyl fence post caps to become loose. About once a month check the caps of the fence. If any are found to be loose use plastic glue to re-secure them.

Use Quality Repair Products

If you need new caps, make sure to use only quality materials. Don’t head to the downtown hardware store expecting to find a perfect match and quality.


Check Stability

Once a year walk around your fence perimeter and check every post to ensure it is remaining sturdy. Posts can come loose due to heavy rain, snow, wind, freezing and thawing. If you find an unsturdy post use a shovel to pack dirt around the base.

Remove the mildew

If you notice any formation of mildews on your vinyl fencing, extract it forthwith before it can spread out. You can use a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles and gentle cleanser in purging the stubborn dirt.

 Do not paint your fence

If you get tired of the color of your vinyl fencing, don’t paint them because vinyl fences are not designed to hold the components of certain paints. Painting your vinyl fence will also revoke its warranty.

Do not put heat sources near your vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences can withstand even the parching heat of the sun, but they can be assailable to heat from a nearby source such as an outdoor heater. Luckily, it will also be self-extinguish once the source of the heat is taken away. However, the fence could be distorted because of it.

A vinyl fence is so durable and easy to clean. It can also stand both dry and moist weather. However, following these 7 maintenance tips mentioned above will guarantee that it will last longer.

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  1. Emily Bennette

    I am planning on getting a German Shepherd puppy for Christmas. So, I need to get a fence installed this by the start of November. It is nice to know that it would be smart for me to check the stability of the fence. That does seem like I should do that quickly after I get it installed.

  2. Thomas Clarence

    I appreciate you helping me to understand that it is important to check the caps on vinyl fence posts regularly. I am wanting to get a vinyl fence installed around my yard. With these tips you shared, I will be able to take proper care of the fence.

  3. Elite Gates

    Very nice post you shared here. Thank for sharing this informative knowledge about vinyl fencing with us.

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