Gazebos And Pergolas Which One Is Right For You

Gazebos and pergolas are outdoor structures designed to ensure shade and add a decorative touch to your garden or property. Pergolas make beautiful centerpieces while gazebos have a more constructive and functional purpose as reception tents or shelters for dining areas. But how do you determine which one is best for your lifestyle and backyard?

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a type of tent that is usually used for hosting outdoor events. These structures come in a range of shapes and hues. Gazebos may be topped with tarpaulin or canvas, and can also feature fixed side panels with openings.

What is a pergola?

Pergolas are decorative outdoor structures that lend an aesthetic value to your garden or terrace. They consist of posts and an open structure and can be freestanding or lean-to (attached to an existing building). Pergolas can also be used to shelter from the sun. Pergolas can be left bare or equipped with curtains, and flooring for a touch of stylishness.

Pergola vs. gazebo: comparing prices

In general, pergolas are usually more costly than gazebos as they tend to feature a more sophisticated decorative structure.

Gazebos and pergolas: which one is right for you?

Gazebos-and-pergolas-which-one-is- right- for -you

When it comes to style, pergolas win hands down. Pergolas are perfect for relaxing and lend an indisputable touch of class to your outdoor space. Gazebos is ideal for hosting events.

Gazebos are essentially functional tents that can be brought out for events. They usually aren’t designed to stay in your garden in the long term, but they can be left in place while the weather is good.

Gazebos are available in a range of colors to suit your preferences and needs. It’s down to you to personalize your gazebo with decorations such as garlands or even a set of homemade curtains!

Whether you choose a gazebo or pergola, don’t forget to add some finishing touches in the form of decorative flower pots, fairy lights, or some trendy garden furniture.

Which one should I choose?

Here are a few questions to consider while choosing a pergola or a gazebo:

Do you need 100% protection from the sun or filtered shade? Pergolas will give about 75% shade. If more is needed, a gazebo may be your best choice.

Pergolas are often more cost-effective than gazebos since there are no roof components required.

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