Front Gate Vinyl is a trusted vinyl fencing contractor in Orange County, California. With extensive skills and experience in vinyl fence installation, Front Gate Vinyl is one of the leading fence companies in all of Southern California.

We specialize in high quality vinyl fencing that will not only serve as a beautiful finishing touch for your Orange Countyproperty but will also enhance its value and be a security guarantee for many years to come.

Vinyl Fences in Orange County, CA

There are a number of options available for outdoor fencing, including wood, bamboo, chain link, even electric fences. And all of these fence types have their pros and cons, just like vinyl fences do. But considering the specific characteristics of California and Orange County in particular, we advise choosing vinyl fences for a number of reasons.

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors and styles that you can choose from. And to make it even easier for you to find the most suitable fence color and type, we have developed a special application “Vinyl Fencing App“. You just upload you property facade photo or choose one of our default images and try on different fence types and colors. When you find the one that’s a perfect match for your house you can contact us for a FREE estimate right away!

Orange County Vinyl Fence Companies

Vinyl fences will look and feel just as new for many many years if they are installed properly. So it is critical to find a trusted, affordable and professional vinyl fence company in Orange County to do the job. Front Gate Vinyl fence company is committed to installing only excellent quality vinyl fences and doing it in a professional and timely manner. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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