Vinyl Wall Extensions
for Your Backyard Privacy

Feeling at home is one of the most important feelings we all need. And what gives us the feeling except fresh baked cookies and a comfortable bed? Vinyl wall extensions do the job while providing you with more privacy in your backyard. And you don’t have to go through much trouble to get the beautiful finished look: we’ll take care of everything. Can you spare us less than a day?

Wall Topper and Patio Cover

Easy installation of your vinyl wall extensions

If you already have an existing block wall then choose the option of adding vinyl to the top rather than rebuilding block wall footings. Consider the extra fees you’ll pay for engineering. Then, there’s also the issue of adding rows of block wall on top of your existing one. Therefore, the easiest option for you is vinyl wall extensions.

The installation process of vinyl wall extensions is quite unique. First of all, it doesn’t require unsightly post base. Then, there is no visible hardware. All of the screws and brackets are internal and invisible. This also makes the installation process of your vinyl wall extension fast and efficient. And on top of it all, the installation and the materials of your vinyl block wall extension are warranted for a lifetime.

All of our vinyl wall extensions can be adapted to your existing wall. And the style is for you to choose. What we guarantee is that there will not be any termites and water stains, chipping or cracking, rotting or peeling.

Wall Topper

Construction process?

We all know how head hurting is the construction or renovation process, especially if you’re living in the house. All the noise you hear, all the dust you breathe. Luckily, with our interlocking system, you will not go through the painful process of construction. We will install your vinyl wall toppers fast and smoothly. And you can appreciate the finished look quickly.

Easy to maintain, easy on the eyes

Our vinyl block wall toppers will last in extreme weather conditions. If there’s excessive heat, they can withstand it. If there’s an unexpected flood or wind, our wall extensions are something you don’t have to worry about. Another important factor is that our vinyl wall extensions don’t change their color or warp easily. So when the spring comes you won’t be thinking about painting it fresh again.

Wall Topper

And of course, except wanting complete privacy in your backyard, you also want your block wall topper to look attractive. It’s possible with our different style and height vinyl wall extensions. And if some greenery from your yard grows over the extension, even better.

Take charge of your backyard privacy and appearance by installing our Los Angeles vinyl wall extensions. You are one step away from enjoying your backyard on a hot summer day with your family feeling completely at home.

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