If you live in Ventura County, California and are looking for a professional vinyl fence contractor, you’ve come to the right place. Front Gate Vinyl fence company is a premier vinyl fence contractor with an extensive number of happy clients. We strive to provide remarkable customer service and make sure the results meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Vinyl fences are in fact rather reliable and low maintenance products. If installed properly they are sure to look and perform just as fine as on the very first day. Vinyl material is eco-friendly, since it’s made from chlorine which is derived from salt, and hydrocarbons that are derived from natural gas. So it’s absolutely non-toxic and by choosing vinyl over wood you not only opt for a more hustle-free solution but also choose to be more environmentally conscious.

Vinyl fencing in Ventura County, California is quite popular thanks to its many benefits. Vinyl fences are resistant to various weather conditions, strong winds and rain, as well as extensive sunlight. They do not fade or decompose, that’s why you won’t need to repaint the fence ever.

Front Gate Vinyl fence company serves Ventura County and also all of Southern California. So go ahead and call us now for a FREE estimate of your outdoor fencing. You can also try on a range of fence styles and colors in our brand new Vinyl Fencing App to find the ideal fence for your particular facade.