Vinyl Gates LA: 5 Styles You Will Love

If there is a fence, there should be a gate. Well, quite often this is the case. Although some homeowners might choose to leave entrance open, installing matching vinyl gates LA will complete the look of your property.

There is a wide variety of styles you can choose from, both in terms of colors, patterns and design. Vinyl gates LA have a number of benefits, but most importantly they are very durable and have premium looks.

When it comes to choosing the style of your vinyl gates LA, we recommend one of the following options.

Single swing vinyl gates LA

This type of gates are great if you have a small entrance opening. They obviously require less budget, because there will be single-sided hinges, bolts, etc. However these gates will need more swinging distance, so you want to make sure there is enough space for it to swing.

vinyl gates la

This type of gates can also be made in different styles. For instance, you can choose to have a semi-privacy gate for inner areas. And you can get a full privacy gate for the entrance gate.

Double swing vinyl gates LA

Double swing gates are generally bigger than single swing ones. They allow for bigger entrance space. It is a preferred option especially for car parkway.

Double swing vinyl gates require less swinging distance. However, they will most probably require more budget for the material and hinges.

Double swing vinyl gates can be paired not only with vinyl fencing but will also look good with brick and stone fence. Here’s a nice example below.

vinyl gates la

Sliding vinyl gates LA

vinyl gates la

Although LA homeowners usually opt for swing gates, there are cases when you can’t really install one. For instance, if the property landscape has an upward slope at the entrance, it will be very uncomfortable to install a swing gate. This is when sliding gates come into play. These gates are also very durable and look good as well. Take a look at an example below.

vinyl gates la

In fact these gates match well not only with low vinyl fences but also high, full and semi-privacy vinyl fences. The only drawback is that the sliding mechanism is a little bit more complex than the swing hinges.

But with a professional vinyl fence contractor, you can be sure that the gate will serve you well for many years to come.

If you are unsure which style to choose, call us now at (818) 298-7345 or (800) 995-4051and our specialists will help you find the best solution for your property.