3 Advantages of a Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fences have become popular in recent years because they are affordable and versatile. They come in a variety of colors and textures, so no matter what style you prefer, there will be a vinyl fence that matches your home. Your new fence will be with your for years, so it’s smart to weigh your options before you make a final decision. If you’re ready to build, consider the benefits of a vinyl fence: Here are the top 3 reasons why vinyl PVC makes a great fence.

Low maintenance

If you’re looking for a fence that you don’t need to maintain over the years, vinyl fencing is your best option. All you’ll need to do to keep the fence in good shape is clean it with soap and water on occasion, or hose it down if dirt accumulates on it. You don’t need to repaint it and there is no need to apply primer or any other protection to keep it from rusting. This fencing will not rot, mold or discolor. It’s not vulnerable to termites.


Vinyl fences are not treated with harmful chemicals. In addition, vinyl is composed of 51 percent of chlorine (derived from salt) and 49 percent from hydrocarbons (derived from natural gas).

vinyl gate


A properly installed vinyl fence will last you a lifetime. Five times stronger than wood, vinyl fencing is flexible, durable and can stand up to high winds and rain. Have you ever driven around your block after a large storm and seen collapsed wooden fences? That won’t happen with vinyl fencing. Since the vinyl does not absorb moisture, the boards, posts and accessories will not blister, peel, rust or rot. For the Canadian home, or any home that experiences a lot of crazy weather, vinyl fencing is simply the best material out there.

For additional strength and security, most premium vinyl fencing products offer a pre-assembled gate. These gates are reinforced with steel sides in order to ensure it maintains its shape and provides additional durability in demanding physical conditions.

3 thoughts on “3 Advantages of a Vinyl Fence Installation

  1. Zachary Tomlinson

    My uncle is looking for ideas about how he could prevent his dog from running outside his property boundaries. The idea of installing a fence that can both do this and improve his home’s aesthetic appeal is very interesting. I’ll be sure to share this with him so he’d consider it.

  2. Alec Burns

    It’s great that you mention the fact that vinyl fences are very durable. I’d like to get a fence for my yard that will last for a long time, so I’m considering having a vinyl one installed. I’m going to see if there’s a good business in my area that does residential vinyl fencing installation.

  3. Thomas Clarence

    It was interesting to read about how vinyl fences just need water and soap to be cleaned occasionally. You would want an easy to maintain fence if you own an outdoor pet like a dog that jumps all over them. The fences would get covered in grass, mud, and dirt so it makes sense that you would want a material that is easier to clean.

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