Common Vinyl Fence Questions and Answers

Vinyl fencing offers a number of benefits for residential, commercial or farming properties and is often well worth the cost. Here are a few of the most common vinyl fence questions and answers about vinyl fencing that a person should consider before purchasing a vinyl fence.

What is vinyl fencing?

A vinyl fence is made from polyvinyl chloride and comes in a variety of styles and colors. From a white picket fence to a pool vinyl fence, you can choose exactly what fits your needs. It offers a variety of benefits that make it a perfect choice. Vinyl is a durable material, easy to maintain, and meets the needs of any type of property.

Benefits of vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing can be used in both commercial and residential properties. If you are looking for a yard fence, you can choose from decorative or privacy vinyl fences in a variety of styles and colors. For business areas, choose the precise style for your needs. Horse farms and stables fences can also be created with vinyl fencing, creating an attractive and safe option for keeping the animals in.

Why choose vinyl over wood?

Vinyl fencing is often preferred because of its durability and the number of designs. Although wood can be used for a variety of styles, it does not withstand the test of time like vinyl fencing. Wood can fade with time or become damaged from the weather. Vinyl fencing is indestructible and can withstand high winds better than wood. It doesn’t fade and requires little maintenance to keep it looking perfect.


What other benefits are offered?

Vinyl fences are known for their low maintenance. They won’t be damaged or rot because of large amounts of water. You can clean simply spraying the fence. They’re also easy to install and have a lifetime guarantee. They’re fire-resistant, extremely strong, and resistant to bugs and other animals that may damage other types of fences.

Will a vinyl fence turn yellow?

The answer is definitely no, as vinyl fencing has a special titanium dioxide additive, that’s why your fence can’t suffer from discoloration. This protects it from UV rays, and as long as the fence is washable, the color will remain bright for decades.

Why vinyl fence doesn’t come in dark colors?

As the primary additive (titanium dioxide) is white in color, dark hues are difficult to manufacture. Also, darker colors break down faster than light hues, as they take in more heat from the sun. For this reason, vinyl fencing is typically offered in the lighter shades.

How should you clean the vinyl fence?

Simple water washing with a hose will typically be effective for cleaning dust. You can also use a gentle liquid cleaning product, simply scrub the stain with a damp rag.

Also, you can use a cleaner that is a bit more abrasive, combined with a bristle brush.  This unique type of fence gained huge popularity in recent years.

It never needs to be painted, and with an occasional washing, the color will remain perfect. If you want to install a new fence on your property, you can choose a vinyl fencing, because all of these advantages make vinyl fencing a great choice.