How Does Vinyl Fencing Affect Home Value?

A beautiful fence frames home and becomes a form of creative expression, not just a boundary. Therefore, appealing fences inspire buyers to make an offer. However, a question arises, “Does a fence increase home value?” It all depends on what materials you use, your neighborhood, what local buyers are looking for, and the condition you keep it in. Vinyl fencing is an excellent option, as it is easy to maintain and highly durable.

How does fencing affect home value?

If your fencing is not going to directly add value to your property before you sell, you should improve inside of the home or backyard, in more substantial ways.

Homeowners may personally enjoy the benefits that come with having a vinyl fence, which can create a private landscape perfect for your kids and pets. A appealing fence can have perfect benefits.

If you’ want to sell your house, remember these tips when trying to discern what a buyer would want:

A vinyl fence doesn’t add value in itself, but all renovations and improvements will help your home sell faster.

How much value fencing adds to your home?

Privacy fences are 4-9 feet tall. Installing a fence for privacy purposes will increase marketability for your home. Homeowners with pets may require a fence and could want to purchase a home with installed fence.

However, this does not mean that any type of fence will increase the value of your home. So fencing materials play a huge role in setting the overall home value during appraisal.

How-does-fencing-affect-home -value

For a homeowner, the value of a fence may not be monetary. Most homeowners like their added privacy fences with the decorative benefits which underline the appearance of the yard and the home. But choosing a beautiful fencing without considering the role of privacy brings to potential loss of profits when selling.

Also before fencing you must consider practicality and value. For example, a privacy fence in the front yard may reduce curb appeal of the home but increase value in the backyard. Before fencing your property, you need to consider utility easements and homeowner association regulations before starting the project to avoid any fines.

When it comes to increasing home value, adding a fence that does not match the style and design of your home could be worse than having no fence at all. For example, a sleek, modern home will look weird if you use an ornate wooden fence while a peculiar Victorian home will look out of place if you add a high stockade fence. So make sure you match the fence with the home exterior design in order to increase its value.