5 Vinyl Fence Ideas for Your Los Angeles Home

What makes your house a home? The most comfortable couch ever is where you start. A couple of green plants here and there will almost give a sense of home. But the one thing that will provide you and your family with security and privacy is a vinyl fence in your backyard. And there’s no doubt that finding the right one will take time. After all, you’ll want to keep your vinyl fences for a while and not redecorate your outdoors all the time. If you’re having trouble making a decision on the type of vinyl fences you’ll want to install, here are 5 vinyl fence ideas for your Los Angeles home. Let’s dive in and find you your perfect match.

Classic vinyl fences for a simple look

Lattice Top Vinyl Fence
Lattice Top Vinyl Fence

The simplest of all types is probably the classic vinyl fence. However, it all has integrity in it. The first thought of yours should be, “will a classic vinyl fence go with my house?” And it’s true: if your house has a contemporary architecture maybe a classic vinyl fence is not your best choice. Also, don’t forget to ask yourself if this fence type matches your personality and characteristics. You want to be in sync with the aesthetics of your house. So, take a look at a couple of classic vinyl fences and make your decision. Keep in mind that we have different designs and ornamental caps available. And if you’re looking for the type that will never rust and will keep its new looks forever, then classic vinyl fences are a good option for you.

Vinyl fences to mark your property lines

vinyl perimeter fence

Now, for this option, your most important motivation of getting a vinyl fence is to mark your property lines and make sure no one passes through. Here, the french rail is a great pick. They’re not too harsh, not too weak. With their smooth edges, you can make sure that your animals won’t get any scratches or cuts when playing around your backyard. This option of vinyl fences take away the headache of your fences peeling, rotting or even fading: they will look perfect at all times. And even the harsh weather won’t do any harm.

Traditional vinyl fences for a nostalgic feel

vinyl fence

Imagine buying your new house and installing traditional vinyl fences, just like the ones you had in your backyard when growing up? All the memories will rush right back and will bring back the great memories of your childhood. If that’s something you always look forward to, then a traditional vinyl fence is for you. With good old fashioned fences, you can create a nostalgic feel. And every time you sit outside and look through the fences you’ll remember where you came from and where you are now. And that’s a great feeling to have. Not to mention, that, again, you won’t face any chipping, cracking or rotting with our traditional vinyl fences.

Privacy and semi-privacy fences for security

Semi Privacy Vinyl Fences
Semi Privacy Vinyl Fences

If you’re a fan of laying outdoors with full privacy while soaking all the good energy of the sun, then you should consider our privacy or semi-privacy vinyl fences. With them being a little high up, you can make sure that everyone who passes by won’t have a peak of your backyard. And of course, enjoying great conversations surrounded with your friends with a glass of wine in your hands will become your every Saturday. And on Sundays, you can let your kids run around in your backyard, and not worry about anything. Check out our privacy and semi-privacy vinyl fences are you like the sound of it.

Curved vinyl fences for beauty

Slate Gray Deck
Slate Gray Deck

Besides considering your safety and privacy, there’s also the craving for beauty: you want the whole neighborhood to admire your house with its vinyl fences. If this is true for you, then choosing a curved vinyl fence is probably your best choice. They will give an edgy and fashionable finish to your house. And you can match its color to the colors of your house.
Now that you know your options, you can go ahead and make an informed decision. Are you a traditional vinyl fence type of a person? Or simple, slick and classic is what feels right for you? And maybe all you really care about if the full privacy and security of your family? Whatever your motivation for buying a vinyl face is, you can find the right option here with us. Our Los Angeles vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty and save you from the head hurting construction process of installing a fence.