Choosing The Best Vinyl Patio Covers in LA

Vinyl patio covers in LA just like anywhere else in the US come in various shapes and colors. This is both exciting and daunting.

Obviously the more options you have the harder it is to choose. There are too many things to consider.

Does it match the exterior of your house?

Is it better to go with a full cover or choose something lighter?

Pergola type vinyl patio cover

We get it. So to make this task easier for you to solve, we have created this quick guide. It will help you choose the best vinyl patio covers in LA for your particular home.

Why do you want to install a patio cover?

This might sound like a silly question, but it actually crucial to understand the purpose of your patio and the reason why you need a cover for it.

For example, if your patio is quite small, it most likely does not serve as a gathering place. In this case you might need a cover to accessorize the exterior of your house. With this in mind you will be able to focus more on the look and feel of the cover rather than it’s functionality.

Alternatively, if your patio is where you always gather with friends and family, it’s a different starting point. You are looking into something to enhance the comfort of your patio and make it more enjoyable to spend time therevinyl patio covers in la

Full coverage vinyl patio

Next, you need to decide how on the level of coverage. This depends on the whether you want to create a gentle shade from the sun or you would prefer a cover from rain and snow as well.

Typically, vinyl patio covers in LA are designed to create a nice shaded area that feels light and open.

But in case of rain showers it is of hardly any use.

This is entirely up to your preference though. If you are not going to sit outside in the rain, even under a shelter, than you don’t need full coverage.

Set your budget limits

Once you make your mind regarding the purpose and use cases of your patio cover, there is still plenty of options available for you to choose from.

But unless you are a movie star or some other kind of a millionaire, you will have a set budget for this project. And this budget will significantly narrow down your choices in terms of materials.

There are a number of material choices for a patio cover, but usually it comes down to wood, aluminum or vinyl. Each of these has its strengths and drawbacks. Depending on your priorities you can choose the best option for your property.

Wooden patio covers look stunning and have a noble touch unlike no other patio materials. However, maintaining these looks takes a lot of effort, time and, of course, money. Something not everyone can commit to.

Aluminum patio covers, on the other hand, require minimal upkeep, are quite durable and not that expensive either. Sounds like a better alternative, doesn’t it? It surely is, but probably not so much for Los Angeles homeowners. As we know from physics, aluminum is very good conductor of heat which makes it uncomfortable to stand beneath in a hot summer weather. Additionally, it becomes very loud when it rains.

So there is no wonder why vinyl patio covers in LA are such a popular option. They look almost exactly like wood. They are as lightweight and durable as aluminum. They do not require any maintenance or repainting. Just a water and soap wash now and then.

vinyl patio covers in la pergola

Pergola type vinyl patio cover

Decide on the type of vinyl patio covers

There are basically 2 radically different types of vinyl patio covers in LA:

  • pergola covers
  • full covers

Pergola vinyl patio covers provide nice and pretty shade. They are made of parallel pickets which can be installed in a form of an arch or flat. They look very rich and are a beautiful addition to any patio. They can work as a detached, standalone patio cover or attached to the house.

Full vinyl patio covers provide solid shelter from all weather conditions, including rain and snow (if there is ever any). They make for a great choice if you need a nice cool shade and also don’t want your outdoor furniture getting wet during the rain.

If you are still undecided or would like to discuss a custom case for vinyl patio covers in LA, then feel free to call us now at (818) 298-7345 or (800) 995-4051 or book a consultation with us.