Vinyl fencing for residential and corporate properties in Los Angeles (LA)

Picket fences represent a very typical American outdoor fencing style which has been popular for many centuries and is apparently just as popular today among both Los Angeles LA homeowners and Americans in general. Though traditionally picket fences were made from wood, nowadays these fences can be made from different materials, including vinyl, aluminium, plastic, etc.  Thanks to many benefits of vinyl fencing, vinyl picket fences are rapidly growing in popularity as an ideal choice for any property. They serve as domestic boundaries for your pets and kids, as well as enhance the aesthetics of your house making it visually more appealing and complete.


For those homeowners, whose property is located in a picturesque location or who just prefer to have a more open and unblocked views from their yard while still having that fence around their property, picket fences are a great solution. They are shorter than privacy fences and the space between the pickets makes for a more airy and inviting boundary.

Vinyl picket fences are also easier to maintain as compared to wooden fences. No chemical treatment with insecticides or constant repainting is required to keep the fence in good shape. So once installed you can enjoy the beautiful classic American fencing around your property for many years to come.

Picket fences also have a number of styles to choose from among which are french Gothic picket, arch picket, scallop picket, staggered and flat top pickets. Vinyl fencing makes it possible also to mix and match different styles to create a custom fence to fit your house.

As a premier vinyl fencing company we help our customers choose the best possible option that is both durable and aesthetically appealing. Contact us for a FREE estimation and consulting today and you will have a high quality vinyl fencing for your property in Los Angeles LA, Malibu, Marina del Rey or anywhere else in Southern California.