Fences are used for a variety of purposes, both for personal safety and for landscape attractiveness. Fencing made of vinyl has several advantages over other materials. Vinyl fencing is more expensive in cost, but has incredible durability and does not require maintenance. Vinyl fences have a small range of colors available.

Front Gate Vinyl Company in Tarzana offers vinyl fences with a configuration of any possible complexity and various heights. The coloring and design are selected according to the taste of the customer. We also have ready-made options available. You will definitely receive professional assistance in the installation, design field.


For many years, Front Gate Vinyl specialists have successfully installed vinyl fences in Tarzana.

Vinyl fences are a worthy alternative to wooden fencing. Tests by the manufacturer and the use of customers confirm that such vinyl fences can withstand mechanical stress and are suitable for installation in harsh climates. The fence is completely eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Vinyl fences are a very good solution for fencing the territory with the best price/quality ratio. Such a fence can be used to fence the house, cottages, it can be used as a decorative fence in cafes and restaurants. Due to the lightness and ease of installation, a vinyl fence may be the best option for fencing.

Qualified specialists of Front Gate Vinyl Company can advise you in the selection of products, suggest the best option for your property. We can also tell you which products have the best sales statistics in your region.

Over the years, the company has taken one of the leading places in the market in Tarzana, and far beyond.

The company is constantly improving its level of service. We are able to complete the order of any complexity, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. We try to find a personal approach to working with each client and are personally responsible for the result.

Stable and efficient work is the key to our common success!