Vinyl fences are practical, modern and at the same time cost-effective solutions for fencing a garden plot, a country estate, a cottage village or a subsidiary farm.

A variety of shapes will give your fence individuality, and the ease of installation and practicality of use make vinyl fencing a popular and at the same time an interesting solution for a wide variety of objects.

So, one of the latest innovations in the construction market, which has already won the approval of many professionals and consumers, is vinyl fencing.

This version of the fence has become a worthy replacement for models made of wood and metal, it has proved to be excellent in operation. Vinyl is not afraid of severe frosts, exposure to sunlight, fungus or corrosion. The entire period of operation, which is more than one decade, vinyl fences retain their original color and quality.

Front Gate Vinyl Company in Sierra Madre offers vinyl fences, vinyl gates, vinyl patio covers, vinyl pergolas, vinyl decks, vinyl pool fences and vinyl wall extension of your selected design, we will carry out the design and installation. We suggest the best value with quality workmanship. Also, we provide free custom design for each client. The material from which the fences are made is completely harmless.
It’s rarely seen that near the fence passers-by stop to take a closer look, and in the case of vinyl fences, this happens quite often.


Thus, by installing a vinyl fence, you’ll save money (the cost of installing a vinyl fence is approximately 10% of the cost of raw materials). Vinyl fences are famous for their ease of installation.

You can use vinyl fences for land plots, both urban and suburban, for summer cottages, fields and corrals, as well as landscape design.

The external aesthetic appearance of vinyl products for the small architecture of the garden will give individuality and harmony to the territory adjacent to your home.

Front Gate Vinyl Company in Sierra Madre offers superior quality vinyl products with a lifetime warranty. We try to find a personal approach to each client and are responsible for the result.

So, we use only modern tools, materials and installation techniques for the construction of vinyl fences in Sierra Madre.